Seri Stylu is a family business and it all started in 1960 when, Serafim Mendes de Oliveira Ribeiro (a), grandfather of the current partners, started operations on his own as outsourcer of spinned parts in iron, brass and aluminum plate. Examples of these products are the funnels for the grinding coffee machines, parabolic reflectors for electric heaters and tops for fire extinguishers.

This activity was beautifully developed on the premises of a friend who he offered society in the manufacture of indoor TV antennas.

In 1967 already in his own facilities at lugar da granja, Maia, starts the manufacture of outdoor antennas and is at this point that there is a need of a brand and thus appears SERI, resulting from the initials of his name.

In 1977 it was established as a limited company with the participation of his son adopting the name Metalúrgica Ribeiro. In the early eighties builds new facilities with 1500m2 in lugar da Granja and the founding partner leaves the company following with the manufacture of lamps and bathroom accessories.

Metalúrgica Ribeiro gets the representation of electronic equipment, complementary to the manufacture of antennas and mechanical accessories, from a Spanish brand and expands the business throughout the country and the antennas also to the Spanish market.

With the fall of the traditional TV antennas market began the manufacture of TV supports and to the brand is associated the word stylu given that was now linked more to the design but Metalúrgica Ribeiro had to be extinguished and now follows the brand also as company SERI STYLU formed in 2006 by current partners Pedro Manuel Vilarinho Ribeiro and Rui Manuel Vilarinho Ribeiro.

The brand SERI STYLU comes from the initials of the name Serafim Ribeiro associated with the Latin word STYLU that means different way of doing.

(a) – In the picture the second from left to right.